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  • Complete Guide To Zinc Sunscreen

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  • Great For Kids. My little one has very sensitive skin and it has taken a long time to find the right sunscreen. It applies easily and is not sticky. She is happy to let us put it on.


  • Best suncream I’ve tried. I’ve tried every natural suncream on the market and this one is the best for ease to use. My kids can put it on themselves without too much trouble unlike other oilier or thicker natural suncreams.


  • Love this! Such a nice sunscreen! Smells nice, goes on beautifully and isn’t too drying or white like most natural sunscreens! My favourite for the kids!


Zinc Sunscreen

Little Urchin’s Complete Guide To Zinc Sunscreen

We’ve seen zinc used in medicine and nutritional facts, and now there’s even zinc sunscreen. 

In this article, we at Little Urchin will talk about the benefits of zinc sunscreen, but before that, we’ll help you differentiate chemical and physical sunscreen options as well as non-nano and nano zinc oxide as an ingredient. 

Join us today and learn more about zinc sunscreen for babies, outdoor activities, and more!


Mutual nurturing with zinc sunscreen

Chemical vs. physical

Generally, you can group sunscreen into two categories: chemical and physical. The main difference is that chemical sunscreen options absorb the sun’s rays, but the synthetic ingredients may potentially affect sensitive skin. On the other hand, physical sunscreen options with a base like zinc oxide act as a protective wall that blocks and reflects the sun’s rays, all while championing natural ingredients. 


Non-nano vs. nano zinc oxide

While both are taken from a powdered mineral, non-nano zinc oxide comes in larger particles that will stay on the surface of your skin. As for nano zinc oxide, it’s small enough that it can be absorbed by your body. Moreover, when we dive into the ocean or explore coral reefs, this non-nano zinc oxide ensures our marine buddies stay unharmed. 


The Little Urchin promise

By choosing organic, physical, non-nano zinc sunscreen from us at Little Urchin, you’re not just protecting your skin in a natural way; you’re cherishing our planet’s wonders. We’re proud to provide reef-safe sunscreen with tube packaging made from recycled plastic using 100% solar power.

Together, let’s bask in the sun happily and responsibly. Learn more about our products today. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is zinc sunscreen and how does it work?

You can think of zinc sunscreen as a call back to nature when it comes to skin protection. Generally, natural zinc sunscreen is a mineral-based sunscreen that’s made with zinc oxide as one of the main active ingredients. This works by creating a protective physical layer on your skin to shield against the damaging effects of the sun.

Plus, one of the most known zinc sunscreen benefits is that it can provide natural, broad-spectrum coverage. 

You might have seen this technical term while looking for the best sunscreen for your specific needs and preferences, but it’s actually quite simple to understand. All it means is that you’ll get protection from both kinds of UV rays. That’s UVA (ultraviolet A) and UVB (ultraviolet B) rays, where UVA generally causes symptoms of skin ageing while UVB generally causes sunburn and even skin cancer. 

Here at Little Urchin, our zinc sunscreen isn’t only broad-spectrum but it also has additional anti-ageing and anti-oxidant properties because of the other natural zinc sunscreen ingredients we have. Unlike chemical or even some other natural sunscreen options, ours even has a smooth, clear, and non-greasy application for optimal comfort. 


Is zinc sunscreen suitable for children?

Absolutely! Whether it’s a zinc sunscreen for face use or a zinc sunscreen for body use, this type of natural sunscreen is generally an ally for children and adults alike. 

Mineral sunscreens, including those with zinc oxide as a base, are usually recommended for young children and even those who have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies. That’s because they typically have natural ingredients that are easier on the skin. As for the zinc sunscreen SPF, take note that it’s also generally recommended that children over six months use at least an SPF level of 30. 

At the end of the day, if you’re looking for the best zinc sunscreen or zinc sunscreen brands, know that a natural option is like a nurturing embrace from Mother Earth herself. 

Here at Little Urchin, we pride ourselves on having fragrance-free, zinc sunscreen options that are suitable for sensitive skin and also for the whole family (above six months). You can even have peace of mind knowing that we only use natural vegan ingredients with no synthetic preservatives. 


Can I use zinc sunscreen for sports and swimming?

Whether it’s face sunscreen or body sunscreen, a zinc-based option can have you diving in, breaking a sweat, and chasing the horizon. Similarly, it can also be used in indoor locations where there are windows and openings that let UV rays in. As such, zinc sunscreen is an all-around option suitable for daily use. 

However, it’s important to note that if you’re spending the whole day outside, water and sweat naturally remove sunscreen, so it’s best practice to reapply every few hours for optimal use. 

We at Little Urchin understand that this can take away from the experience of scaling peaks, catching waves, and much more. For that reason, we have zinc sunscreen that stays water-resistant for around four hours. 

On top of that, we also boast a travel-friendly and pocket-sized zinc stick option that allows you to stay protected while having the added advantage of a quick, convenient, and mess-free application.  

Choose our zinc sunscreen today and enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities with confidence! 


An extension of Mother Earth 

At Little Urchin, we stand out as a testament to nature’s ingenious ways. We’ve always been fascinated by our ocean’s sea urchins, creatures that are sensitive to light and have evolved to make their own natural sunscreen. Shielding their young from the harsh sun, these delicate beings not only survive but thrive – in some cases, even clocking over a century.

Drawing inspiration from them, we at Little Urchin hold on to the essence of natural protection in our suncare products. Rest assured that what we offer, be it natural sunscreen or natural moisturiser, is a harmonious blend of broad-spectrum coverage, anti-oxidants, and organic ingredients.


Disclaimer: Our ingredients are sourced from nature and we apply a process to transform them into our final product.