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  • 6 Kids Activity Ideas so you can relax with a Quarantini

How's it going over there? You're doing a great job, but hey, if you're looking for a few minutes of much-needed me time, and the walls are feeling smaller every day - we whipped something up for you.

It's a little something to keep the kids from asking for another snack, so fire up the printer, crack out the colouring pencils and a pair of scissors for cutting.


- Click Here to Download the free Activity Booklet - 


Once that's done, here's a few more golden ideas to keep the creative momentum going...

Planting a veggie patch
A good way to get out into the sun and get your hands dirty! There’s lots of lessons to be learnt for the kids about growth, environment and patience. Seedlings may be hard to come by, have a quick google on how to harvest the seeds/propagate from fruit and veg you already have! Remember your Little Urchin Sunscreen. ;)

Backyard camping
Since you missed out on a camping trip for the school holidays, crack out the tent and sleeping bags anyway! The change in scenery (albeit still inside a tent) will give the kids some stimulation, and hopefully, you some peace. Show them how to make different shadow puppets with a flashlight and share stories.


teddy bear picnic kids activity


Teddy Bear Picnic
Not much beats a good old fashion picnic in the backyard! Bring out rugs, cushions, all the esteemed guests, and the finest sandwiches the kids can make. Find a shady spot to read, draw, spot shapes in the clouds - sometimes the most basic of fun can spark those imaginations.

Scavenger hunt
This one takes a little bit of pre-thought, but coming up with a list of items in nature is easy when you think about it. Make sure to keep things realistic with what’s in your yard, such as a brown leaf, a green insect, a smooth rock etc.
Winner gets to come up with the next scavenger hunt items - and around it goes...

Painting rocks
A little bit messy but a good way to let some creative stress out from being indoors. This is a great one for those who may not have a yard to play in. Scavenge whatever rocks from your driveway or garden you can, and set down some newspaper and paint brushes, & enjoy the masterpieces.

Theatre play
This one is a good indoors or outdoors game. Put a few verbs, nouns and adjectives in a hat, and pull out 5 or so - this is the title of the play! Inspire them to come up with a storyline, & to design costumes with what they already have available. You may have to play ‘director’ sometimes, but it’ll be worth it for the show! Set up lamps and fairy lights to really set the vibe. 👏🏼


We hope these ideas become a new favourite in your house!
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