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Our Story

LITTLE URCHIN began one day when a father found his daughter caked in chemical-smelling sunscreen after attending day-care. Knowing just enough about the potentially damaging effects of certain chemicals in many sunscreens to know he didn’t want her wearing them, the father began a six-month formulation journey using only rich essential oils and nature's most potent skin-nourishing ingredients. After developing the formula as far as he could, he engaged the help of one of Australia’s leading formulators to perfect the product and ensure its integrity.

LITTLE URCHIN was born from that loving effort, but that’s not the end of our little story. LITTLE URCHIN is also a story inspired by nature. Like humans, sea urchins are sensitive to light and chemicals. In fact, these clever little fellows have evolved to create their own natural sunscreen to protect their young from the sun’s harsh rays. These amazing critters are full of delightful and surprising examples of Mother Nature at her best. I bet you didn’t know that these spindly creatures are known to live more than 100 years without showing any biological signs of ageing.

Mother Nature doesn’t miss much - that’s why she’s at the heart of everything we do.

Here at LITTLE URCHIN, our natural skin-care products are free of toxins, safe for the planet and made with love so that you and your family get the protection you deserve. Shop our Natural Sunscreen, Tinted Sunscreen and Natural Daily Moisturiser.