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Our Affiliate Program

Join with Little Urchin in promoting our beautiful and dependable natural skin care products that nourish and protect our skin through high quality, natural ingredients. Our products are safe for the skin and safe for the sea.

If you have high quality websites, social media and blog accounts that are aligned with our philosophy, we invite you to benefit from offering our products to your customers. You will be offering your audience suitable alternatives to sunscreens and moisturisers containing those toxic chemicals that are increasingly being banned throughout the world.

The benefits of joining our invitation-only Little Urchin Affiliate Program

  • Free to join
  • 45-day Cookies
  • Exciting promotions, banners and creative
  • Exclusive discount codes, with commissions paid
    even if the sale is not a click through from your own site
  • Receive 10% commission on net sales, excluding shipping, taxes and returns
  • We will collaborate with you on custom marketing campaigns
  • Quick and friendly support from our team

Your role as an Affiliate

  • Place Little Urchin ads, banners and links on your site
  • Promote Little Urchin products on your various social media channels,
    including websites and blogs

It’s a Simple Process

Our Little Urchin Affiliate Program is designed to be simple. We’ve partnered with a leading affiliate marketing software platform to provide you with ease of participation.

We look forward to receiving your completed application form. We will promptly review your application to make sure there is alignment between our organisations.