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Natural Moisturiser

Nurture Your Skin The Right Way With Natural Moisturiser

If you’re looking to level up your skincare routine or perhaps just soothe your body from the sun’s rays, then a natural moisturiser could be suitable for you. 

In this article, we’ll show you how a natural moisturiser can bring more than just aesthetic benefits. Let us at Little Urchin discuss how our solution can protect your skin while also doing the same for our cherished common home: the environment. 

Going back to what’s important

Why natural moisturisers are essential

It all comes down to rejuvenation and nourishment. Ensuring our skin is well-hydrated isn’t just about appearance; your body’s health is affected, too. At the end of the day, moisturised skin tends to remain elastic, which generally helps safeguard against environmental damage.

When and how to use a natural moisturiser

Use it morning and evening, post-cleansing, for a dewy, fresh finish. It’s as simple as massaging the natural moisturiser onto your body or face. You can also use them alongside other skincare products, like zinc sunscreen, for optimal wellness and protection.

Where skincare is moving towards

A natural moisturiser should generally go beyond just immediate skincare; it’s also about how we take care of our common home. 

Here at Little Urchin, we don’t just bring you nourishing products, like our natural sunscreen and moisturiser options, but we also promote a deep-rooted bond with nature. As an Australian-made and -owned company, we do our part to look out for the world around us. Rest assured that our products are cruelty-free and eco-friendly – all while being made with love.        

With us, it’s not just skincare; it’s moving back to nature.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do natural moisturisers differ from synthetic ones?

A natural moisturiser, whether it’s a natural face cream or an all-natural body lotion, celebrates the wealth of Mother Earth. The main difference they have from their synthetic counterparts is that they generally help with skin care through natural ingredients. 

On the other hand, a synthetic moisturiser may have ingredients that aim to mirror the natural ones but are typically made or sourced through chemical means or procedures. For those with sensitive skin, this might mean a higher chance of irritation – perhaps that’s general itchiness, allergic reactions to the chemicals, or even tenderness due to rashes. 

The good news is that with us at Little Urchin, you won’t have to settle for these synthetic and chemical natural moisturiser options. With us, it’s all about organic beauty, and our natural daily moisturiser is proof of that. 

We proudly use organic ingredients like cucumber, aloe vera, and even marine algae. Our natural moisturiser is also preservative-free and suitable for sensitive skin. 

Why risk irritation with synthetic options? From natural moisturisers to sensitive sunscreen and tinted sunscreen options, you can enjoy rejuvenation with us at Little Urchin.

Can natural moisturisers work for all skin types?

While nature is vast, diverse, and accommodating, not all natural moisturisers are made the same, and not all of them cater to all skin types. The challenge now is finding an option that works not only for your specific needs but even for your family members and close loved ones. 

Here at Little Urchin, our natural solution is light and has a non-greasy application, which typically makes it ideal for different skin types. It’s also easily absorbed, all while nourishing, hydrating, and replenishing your skin.

So, whether you’re looking for a lightweight natural face lotion or a rejuvenating natural moisturiser for other sun-kissed areas of your body, we at Little Urchin have got you covered with an option that’s suitable for the whole family, twelve months or older. 

How do I choose the right natural moisturiser for my age?

Everyone’s needs and preferences tend to change over time, with their bodies’ requirements for a natural moisturiser being no exception. It’s completely normal; as we age, we’re more likely to develop wrinkles and sensitive skin. As such, we should take this into account when we’re choosing moisturiser. 

However, regardless of your age and skincare needs, you can benefit from a natural moisturiser that is not only rich in antioxidants but offers anti-ageing benefits as well. 

At Little Urchin, we don’t just champion an organic solution that is suitable for sensitive skin; our natural moisturiser is also rich in antioxidant super-berries. Antioxidants have been found to be helpful in guarding against photo-induced skin ageing symptoms

What’s more, ingredients like avocado oil could provide soothing, revitalising, and anti-ageing benefits for your skin. Our natural moisturiser is even intended as an after-sun product, which makes it a great option after those long days under those warm rays. 

Gracefully age and welcome each year with rejuvenating skincare, from our natural moisturiser to our face sunscreen and body sunscreen here at Little Urchin.

Nature’s nurturing embrace

At the heart and centre of Australia, it’s about nature and growth, and the story of Little Urchin is no different. Drawing inspiration from the intricate characteristics of sea urchins, we’ve unearthed something special about them.

Did you know these marine marvels make their very own natural sunscreen

Yes, these fascinating creatures shield their offspring from the sun’s rays, showcasing Mother Earth’s nurturing embrace. We found their resilience to be truly astonishing, especially the way they go about it so simply and effortlessly. 

In the same way, our goal is to recreate the protective and caring abilities of a sea urchin for those we hold dear: you and your loved ones. 

Disclaimer: Our ingredients are sourced from nature, and we apply a process to transform them into our final product.

All The Good Things
Aloe Vera
Marine Algae


  • Another great product in the Little Urchin range. A lovely light and soothing moisturiser applied after a refreshing shower after a day at the beach - no better feeling. And chemical-free!


  • After trying the sunscreen at a friend's house, I bought the sunscreen and moisturiser. Not greasy, absorbed quickly and awesome coverage. I have a skin condition and it's helped immensely in healing it. I can use it on my face without causing a breakout. Highly recommend this product.


  • I use this everyday and I love it. Not thick like a night cream but not too dry that you feel you need to reapply. You only need a small amount as this cream goes a long way!