Reef Safe Sunscreen

Our vision is to enrich and protect the world through beautifully crafted natural products that are environmentally sustainable and elicit health and wellbeing for current and future generations.

LITTLE URCHIN's reef safe sunscreen products are for everyone who spends time outdoors. They provide safe, enjoyable and environmentally-sustainable skin protection from the harsh rays of the sun.

Eco-Friendly Reef Safe Sunscreen

LITTLE URCHIN sunscreens are reef safe and eco-friendly to help ensure the protection of the natural habitats of all living creatures.

While no specific reef safe tests or certifications have been developed for sunscreens, studies indicate that none of the ingredients in LITTLE URCHIN sunscreen is harmful to coral. 

Zinc oxide, the key ingredient in our sunscreens, has been used for centuries in many skin-care products and toothpastes.  Studies show that this mineral does not harm coral, unlike oxybenzone and certain ingredients in other sunscreens.  Zinc oxide is a powdered mineral that does not dissolve in seawater.  Instead, it settles eventually to the seafloor, like silt, and becomes buried in sediment.

The other ingredients in LITTLE URCHIN sunscreens are biodegradable and safe for any ecosystem.

One Percent For The Planet

LITTLE URCHIN is a proud member of One Percent For The Planet donating at least 1% of annual sales revenues to environmental organisations worldwide.