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  • Slip, Slop, Slap and Pay It Forward with LITTLE URCHIN

Slip, slop, slap and pay it forward. That's the LITTLE URCHIN way. We're proud to be doin' our bit for the wonderful land of Oz by supporting nationwide causes close to our hearts.

By choosing LITTLE URCHIN, you can rest assured tiny humans (and their grown-ups) will be protected from the sun's harmful rays every day with a reef-safe sunscreen that's both good for them and the environment. In fact, every member of the family will appreciate our strict no-nasties policy; we only use feel-good, vegan ingredients and non-nano zinc oxide to keep your largest organ - your skin - happy and healthy.

Over the last year, we've donated one percent of our total revenue to five non-profit grassroots environmental groups to show our appreciation for Mother Nature and all she provides us.

LITTLE URCHIN Sunscreens, Charities we love: Bush Heritage Australia

Healthy Country, protected forever. It's a worthy vision that aims to protect ecosystems and wildlife across the continent. Bush Heritage Australia is currently raising funds to purchase Evelyn Downs Station, a unique, biodiverse landscape that is around the size of the ACT.

LITTLE URCHIN Sunscreen, Charities we love  Australian Wildlife Conservancy

Australian Wildlife Conservancy is devoted to bringing vulnerable animals back from the brink of extinction. As the largest non-profit wildlife conservation organisation in Australia, its mission is to spread hope through privately owned sanctuaries spanning 12.9 million hectares.



WIRES, Australia's largest wildlife rescue organisation, are committed to providing ‘koality care’ and ‘roo-rescue’ for sick, injured, and orphaned native animals 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via their emergency line: 13 000 WIRES.

Picture a scene from the animated Pixar classic Finding Nemo. That's how diverse Australia's marine life is IRL; it's truly mind-boggling. The AMCS is dedicated to preserving our unique coasts and oceans for future generations. Just keep swimming.


The Humane Society is a trusted organisation of animal defenders who champion the rights of all creatures, great and small, to be treated with respect and compassion. They fight the good fight to save endangered species and their habitats and improve standards of care for farm animals.



Small steps in the right direction can make a positive impact, so each time you make the LITTLE URCHIN choice, we hope it puts a smile on your dial, knowing that you are making a difference.