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  • Do You Put Sunscreen On Before Or After Makeup: Expert Tips

The delicate dance between natural sunscreen and makeup can seem complicated. But don’t worry, as this article’s here to enlighten you – just like how the warm sun brightens up our day.

Whether you’re heading out to work or brunch, maintaining protection with sunscreen is essential, even when wearing makeup. Here, you’ll learn how to blend these two essentials into your daily routine without compromising either. 

By the end, not only will you be able to answer ‘Do you put sunscreen on before or after makeup?’ and other similar questions, but you’ll also continue to be an ardent advocate when it comes to preserving your skin’s glow and even the bountiful beauty of our planet as well.


Sunscreen in a makeup and skincare routine

Where and when does sunscreen fit into your makeup?

It’s simple when you think about the effectiveness of sunscreen when applied with other products. 

Truth be told, the application of natural tinted sunscreen or perhaps clear zinc sunscreen underneath makeup doesn’t compromise its UV protection capabilities. Such essentials effectively function as a protective barrier against harmful rays, regardless of the layer of foundation or powder that follows.

This means that you can confidently apply your sunscreen before putting on your makeup.

Just keep in mind that reapplication is an integral part, especially for prolonged sun exposure or active outdoor lifestyles. With savvy and suitable solutions, like non-greasy or stick sunscreen, you can conveniently reapply makeup without compromising your cosmetic masterpiece.

How does skincare affect my sunscreen?

While sunscreen can be added before and after your makeup, the order of skincare and suncare application matters if you want to maximise overall effectiveness. 

Know that it’s generally only after cleaning that sunscreen should be applied. This is because the washing, cleansing, and exfoliating part of your regimen sets up your skin as a suitable and nourished base for sunscreen to settle onto.

All-in-all, don’t forget that preparation should come first, followed by your personal blend of makeup and suncare. As such, you can consider sunscreen the protective layer that brings your skincare together.

A step-by-step guide to your complete routine

The right start

Begin with a clean canvas. Similar to a comprehensive end-of-day face cleanse, it’s also crucial to have a thorough wash in the morning or as the day starts. This helps you reduce any oil or dirt build-up that could’ve formed while you were sleeping.

Just remember that you should apply a moisturiser before proceeding with your suncare and makeup. This will keep your skin hydrated for smooth application – all without potentially diluting or negatively affecting the coverage of your sunscreen.

Effective layering

Now that your skin is as nourished as it can be, it’s time to consider your suncare. At this point, you can apply a liberal amount of sunscreen and let it set on your skin for around fifteen minutes. Doing this gives everything a chance to become one with your skin, providing protection from the harsh sun. 

Regular and SPF makeup

Once you’ve incorporated your sunscreen well, you can go about your personal makeup process. In line with this, you can also explore makeup options that have SPF properties, including foundation, concealer, and much more. 

However, take note that these typically work as supplemental suncare that provides limited protection from UV rays. 

For more coverage, it’s generally recommended that you also use a standalone sunscreen. There are even broad-range sunscreen options that give you a natural tint. This could allow you to experience more protection with the touch of colour you’re looking for.

Friendly reapplication

Finally, you should continue with consistent reapplication every couple of hours, especially if you’re going to spend the entire morning or afternoon out and about under the sun.

But how do you reapply with a face full of makeup? 

Not to worry; if you’re still satisfied with your warm glow, then you could opt for a clear, non-greasy zinc sunscreen that could prevent you from smudging your makeup around. However, should you feel like you need a quick touch-up after your makeup’s worn off, this is where the natural tinted sunscreen could really come in handy. 

With these steps and tips, smoothly integrating sunscreen into your day-to-day schedule can be as easy as a fresh beach breeze!

It’s all about mindful blending and timing, getting it all just right for that glow you’re chasing. Not only does it protect your skin from UV rays, but it also promotes an impeccable finish that lasts all day.

Choosing the right sunscreen for you

Suitable and sustainable suncare

At the end of the day, the application of sunscreen to your overall routine is incredibly crucial. However, what’s also important is connecting this to our collective responsibility for a healthier world. 

The good news is that we can take care of our skin and also help preserve our beautiful world. 

Aside from considering broad-spectrum coverage (protection from both UVA and UVB rays), hydrating and moisturising benefits, antioxidant advantages, and anti-ageing properties, finding a suitable sunscreen is also about being sustainable. 

Whether you’re spending some of your free time in open parks or shorelines near the sea, know that you can make a difference by opting for sunscreen options that are reef-friendly and environmentally friendly, as well as chemical-free and cruelty-free. 

This way, you won’t just have peace of mind knowing that you’re shielded from the sun’s harmful rays; you’re also doing your part to protect our precious planet. 

Key Points to Remember

  • Sunscreen before and after makeup. It is generally advised that you apply sunscreen before putting on makeup, as tinted or clear sunscreen underneath layers of foundation and powder does not compromise UV protection.
  • Reapplication over makeup. For prolonged sun exposure or active outdoor activities, reapplying sunscreen is essential. Non-greasy and stick sunscreens can be convenient options to apply over makeup, typically without drastically affecting its appearance.
  • Skincare and sunscreen order. Sunscreen should be applied after cleansing, washing, and exfoliating, serving as a protective layer over the skin's nourished base.
  • Morning routine steps. Before you apply sunscreen, start with a thorough face wash, followed by moisturiser. Allow sunscreen to set on the skin for about 15 minutes before applying makeup.
  • Using SPF makeup as an addition. Makeup with SPF properties can be used, but it should be considered supplemental to a standalone sunscreen for better protection.
  • Choose the right sunscreen. Select a sunscreen that offers broad-spectrum coverage, hydrating benefits, antioxidants, and anti-aging properties. However, it’s also important to opt for products that are reef-friendly, environmentally friendly, chemical-free, and cruelty-free.
  • Sustainable suncare. Sunscreen isn’t just a personal choice with personal benefits; it also connects to our collective responsibility for a healthier world. Suitable products aren’t just beneficial for your skin but for the environment as well.

Inspired by nature’s wonders, Little Urchin is constantly striving to build a healthier and more eco-friendly future through essentials like natural sunscreen. We combine our passion for the earth with a firm commitment to protecting local families and communities. Here, we’d love for everyone to have a sun-kissed yet sustainably guarded experience under UV rays.