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Why Little Urchin?

Inspired by nature, Little Urchin creates natural* sunscreen and skin care products for the entire family that are toxin free and safe for the environment. Our vision – and passion – is to enrich and protect the world through beautifully crafted, natural products that elicit health and well-being for current and future generations.

Our inspiration in the development of our skin care range of products was the sea urchin. Like humans, sea urchins are sensitive to light and chemicals. They are clever little fellows who evolved to create their own natural sunscreen to protect their young from the sun’s harsh rays. Mother Nature doesn’t miss much; that is why she is at the heart of everything we do.

Our purpose is simple - to Protect, Nourish and Love. To PROTECT people and the planet from dangerous chemicals; to NOURISH with beautifully-crafted natural* products; and to do it all with LOVE and joy. We create value by providing alternatives to chemical-based skin care products. Our products are preservative free; suitable for sensitive skin and for babies (six months and older); contain added skin care benefits including richness in anti-oxidants and cooling, soothing and hydrating properties; are non-greasy and easy to apply; and are reef and marine safe and eco-friendly.

Here at Little Urchin, we’ve created a unique formula of natural skincare sunscreen that provides proven UVA and UVB broad spectrum sun protection, without compromising your skin or the environment. Our SPF 30 sunscreen offers high protection from the sun, blocking out 97% of UVA and UVB rays. (Worth noting is that little additional protection is provided by a higher SPF and no sunscreen can block out 100% of the damaging rays.) Our sunscreen products are 3 hours water resistant. We’ve also developed a natural* moisturiser suitable for daily use and after sun. Our products ensure you and your family get the protection you deserve.

Skincare Products

While our goal was to make skin lotions and other suncare products accessible for all skin types, regardless of sensitivities, we were also mindful that these products must not have a negative impact on our ecosystem. This is especially true for sunscreen. Many traditional sunscreens use oxybenzone and/or octinoxate chemicals. These ingredients are chemical absorbers designed to convert and neutralise harmful UV rays. We now know that products containing these chemicals may harm marine life when washed off your skin and have now been banned in several jurisdictions.

Some people are left with itching and red patches on their skin when using sunscreens containing certain chemical absorbers. This may indicate an allergy to the products used. Often, the irritation may not be present until a few days after using. A simple response is to switch to products using natural* ingredients. Little Urchin sunscreens and moisturisers only contain natural* or naturally-sourced* ingredients.

In Australia, the sun is more intense during the summer months than in many countries. As a result, skin cancers are rampant and is a leading cause of illness and death – hence the need for suitable skincare products that provide protection from sun exposure. In response, Australia leads in developing new skincare products. With the correct application of these suncare products, the prevalence of skin cancers can be substantially reduced. So, using skincare protection such as Little Urchin’s Natural Sunscreen, Natural Tinted Sunscreen and Natural Moisturiser is essential.

All our products are natural* and contain beneficial organic ingredients. They are simple to use, are chemical free and safe for our reefs and marine environment. For best skin protection, sunscreen should be used whenever going out in the sun and a moisturising lotion should be used after sun and at the end of the day to enable the skin to replenish. By using both Little Urchin sunscreen and moisturiser products, you give your skin the protection it deserves.

Ingredients in Little Urchin natural skincare products include organic green tea, cucumber, rosehip and marine algae as well as vitamin E, shea butter, grapeseed oil and other essential oils which give the lotion its natural scent. We sought out Australian Indigenous knowledge to find natural ingredients that can be formulated into our products, including a variety of antioxidant berries in our natural* moisturiser, that delivers high-quality skin rejuvenation. Our skincare products are non-greasy and readily absorbed to protect your skin from drying out. Dry skin is a key cause of cracks and wrinkles.

If you’re about to head out for the day, apply and take with you our natural reef safe sunscreen or our natural tinted sunscreen for round the clock protection. Though all our products are extremely mild and kids friendly, It’s worth looking out for a product that is suitable for babies as well. Our baby sunscreen is specially formulated for babies six months and older. The application of Little Urchin skincare products is non-greasy. Gently rub the natural sunscreen or natural moisturiser into your skin until it disappears. This signals that you have correct coverage. The natural tinted sunscreen will leave a glowing, tinted finish. Keep in mind that our natural moisturiser can be used daily and after sun exposure. 

Whichever Little Urchin product you use, you can be assured it is all Australian made, is environmentally friendly and is free of chemicals.

*We use the term ‘natural’ because the ingredients in our products are ones found in nature that are unharmful to the body and used in their natural form or are refined, purified or transformed in the laboratory from sources in nature. The refinement, purification and transformation processes of certain ingredients are chemical processes required to make the underlying, natural ingredients suitable for use in a sunscreen or moisturiser product. These processes do not involve the use of synthetic chemicals.