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  • 3 great ways to chemical-free skincare

LITTLE URCHIN offers a beautiful, dependable alternative to potentially dangerous chemicals in three natural skin products: A natural* sunscreen, a tinted sunscreen and a luscious after-sun moisturiser.

Integrity and authenticity are at the heart of this range and brand. Indeed, it was a father’s love for his daughter that inspired the creation of this very product – one that would not cake children in chemicals or threaten the natural world for future generations.

The journey to create LITTLE URCHIN began when its founder, Chris Mathews, found his daughter caked in chemical-smelling sunscreen after attending day-care one day. Chris knew enough about the chemicals in personal care products to know it was the last thing he wanted his daughter wearing - after all, what goes on our skin, ends up within. So he set out to create a beautifully crafted, natural and dependable range of skin care that wouldn't harm people or planet. 

LITTLE URCHIN is the result! And we're proud to offer three gorgeous ways to chemical-free skincare. Each product has been created as part of a daily regime; to protect your skin, nourish your body and live your life ... naturally!


The original LITTLE URCHIN product, our Natural Sunscreen has captured the attention of health-aware parents all over the world, seeking a dependable, natural alternative to chemical-laden sunscreens. Fragrance-free and without the dreaded "ghost effect," our Natural Sunscreen is one of our bestsellers - try it and you'll soon see why!

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A sensual face sunscreen that pops easily into your handbag, our Natural Tinted Sunscreen can be worn underneath - or in place of - foundation everyday. Rich in antioxidants and anti-ageing benefits, our unique blend offers medium tint coverage that leaves you with a radiant skin complexion - and the gorgeous, subtle (100 per cent natural) scent of coconuts!

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A luscious, after-sun moisturiser that is perfect slathered onto thirsty skin after a session at the beach - and equally potent in drier, winter months - our Natural Daily Moisturiser is made for face and body all year round. With a gorgeous, natural rosewood scent and organic extracts - avocado oil, cucumber, aloe vera and marine algae - our Natural Daily Moisturiser soothes the skin and revitalises it with powerful hydrating and anti-ageing benefits.

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*Zinc Oxide, the active ingredients in the sunscreen products, is typically derived synthetically from the mineral zinc. Under revised guidelines issued by the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia in 2019, the term ‘natural’ cannot be applied to ingredients that undergo a chemical refinement, purification and transformation process in the laboratory without qualification.  That is why Little Urchin is in the process of qualifying its ingredient list to identify those that are natural and organic and those that undergo a laboratory process to make them suitable for use in the final product.