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  • How to build the ultimate eco-tool kit

Sustainable essentials for a day on the run, walk, shop or play.

"Always be prepared!" is an age-old and famous scout motto and while you may not be hiking through wilderness or stumbling through dangerous terrain, heading out with the tribe has its own unique set of challenges. Even a trip to IKEA can lead to disorientation, dehydration, overexposure and personality spikes.... and that's just you!

Having an eco-day pack, that you can grab and run could be the difference between a great day out and a "this is all too hard, life is so unfair!" day.

And making sure you keep it environmentally conscious is a must. You will help save our planet, your pocket and teach the kids great habits they can put into practise themselves.

1. Water is numero uno


Don't be caught out and resort to buying single use water bottler. Take a glass or sustainable water bottles or extra cups colour coded for the kids to use. Put them in charge of filling and making sure theirs is in the pack. If you need to buy a drink, ask for no straws or if you need one, have your own metal straws at the ready. 

2. Snack Happy

Fruit is perfect, healthy and already in its very own natural packaging and pop loose or chopped up pieces in a reusable container to "stop the squash". If you have the time, get the kids involved in making some protein balls or no bake health slices. These freeze and travel well, no need for plastic wrap just seal in a container and you are on your way. 

3. Keep it ( and them) clean.

Thrills and of course spills are a part of any good day out. Whether a scrape or an overly enthusiastic sticky situation, be wipe ready. Pre-soak some cloths or small towels and seal in a container to keep moist. Maybe add a drop or two of a citrus essential oil and even the boys won't mind being blotted and buffed. 

4. Weather or not......?

Little Urchin

It can sneak up on you when you least expect it and yes you did look at the forecast but someone was fibbing. Make sure you have hats or caps and of course for the ultimate protection, a great natural sunscreen. 

Aussie made Little Urchin sunscreen, is SPF30, has no nasty chemical or additives, is non-greasy and suitable for the whole family. Even those with sensitive skin and babies over six months can happily apply this all-natural product (the babies will need some help).

5. And the fun stuff.


Sometimes the day may not go to plan, a more than likely event, but you can have that covered with distraction tactics. A book, ball, frisbee, a colouring pad and pencils, a jar for collecting amazing discoveries at the park - try and make it a non-tech outing where possible. 

It will take a little bit of time and effort to get your eco pack in action but involve the kids, have them help check that everything is on board and soon it will just be a simple grab and go. 

And... as you head for home and smiles are fading (yours and theirs) remember one of the audiobooks you have thoughtfully downloaded for just this moment and... exhale. You are amazing!