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  • The new and improved slip slop slap

We are so lucky living in such an amazing country and its just part of our culture now to be conscious of taking the right steps all year round when it comes to sun protection. But ....It's getting to that time of year when those nasty UV rays start to really skyrocket.

And we do know what to do because in 1981 the Cancer Council's "slip, slop, slap" campaign was launched all around the country but it's a lesser known fact that in 2007 two extra "S's" were added to become "slip, slop, slap, seek and slide!"

Years and much research later, thankfully there are some amazing innovative Australian companies giving us some great products to make our five step sun safe journey easy, affordable and of course effective.

To...Slip on a Shirt

Tscudo is a 'bottler' of an idea and made right here in Australia. A company that recycles plastic bottles to manufacture their ethical and sustainable long sleeved SPF 50 rash shirts. 

It takes 6 bottles to make a shirt with sizes and designs the whole family will love. From water sports to bike riding and hiking, for anything out door these rashies will keep you sun safe and cool.

To...Slop on Sunscreen

Little Urchin a Sydney based company, has created a beautifully crafted 'mineral' based sunscreen that protects against UV rays as well as being reef safe. 


Rich in nourishing oils, butters and antioxidants and SPF 30, it applies easily and is suitable for sensitive skin types and even babies as young as 6 months. Tinted or Natural* Little Urchin Sunscreen is zinc based and non greasy. Best of all, it is Australian made and provides environmentally sustainable skin protection from the harsh rays of our Aussie sun.  

To....Slap on a Hat

Will and Bear will have you heading in the right direction with beautifully handmade hats, designed in Australia, in a range of styles and materials. All of their hats are made from natural fibres, like wool, straw or recycled materials to last the longest of journeys.

With a focus on adventure and the outdoors, the company also has a huge drive and commitment to fair trade, ethical work practices and sustainability.  And for every Will and Bear hat sold, 10 trees are planted as part of their ongoing connection to our environment. 

To...Seek Shade

Cool Cabanas, they're like an oasis in the desert, a tent in the wilderness, a shelter from the elements or.... just a cool place to hang out in the shade.

Compact, light and easy to carry, these clever beach and grass shelters can be seen decorating Aussie beaches up and down the coast. A one person set up, their design also takes the drama away from the lethal "umbrella in the wind" scenario.

To...Slide on Sunglasses

Good Citizen, sunglasses are 100% recycled and are made from 1kg of ocean plastic. The idea was based on dad and his young sons deciding to find a way to untrash the planet. One bottle makes one frame including the hinge in these groovy slides.

Designed, engineered and made in Australia, the sunglasses too are recyclable. This innovative design has all parts clipping together so these too can be swapped and replaced. And for every one pair of Good Citizens sold, the company will clear 45 bottles form our waterways. 

So remember the five sun safe steps and maybe add another 's' and 'SUPPORT' Aussie brands.

* Little Urchin uses the term ‘natural’ because the ingredients in our products are ones found in nature that are unharmful to the body and used in their natural form or are refined, purified or transformed in the laboratory from sources in nature.  The refinement, purification and transformation processes of certain ingredients are chemical processes required to make the underlying, natural ingredients suitable for use in a sunscreen or moisturiser product.  These processes do not involve the use of synthetic chemicals.