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  • Let's talk self-care, baby. 5 ideas for self care in iso

Self-care is a hot topic these days, especially since we now have all this time on our hands with great company - ourselves. You've surely seen all the various free exercise classes (thank goodness for them), or deep dived into how to bullet-journal on YouTube. There's so many different ways to self-care, here's 5 ideas from us at Little Urchin.

1. Revamp your skin routine.
Let's circle back to the basics, because in a world that now consists of Vitamin C serums, natural vs chemical, oils and fancy water, it's easy to get lost.
The best way to keep your skin looking healthy and radiant (you know, for all the Zoom meetings) is at least 4 quality products:
Cleanser, Exfoliant, Moisturiser and Sunscreen. You can also add in a Vitamin C serum (turns out it's not just the latest trend) before moisturiser for extra skin-loving.
Here's how to do it:
Cleanser: Morning and night people! This clears out all the grime that sits in your pores from touching your face, air pollutants, oil buildup etc. This is your bread and butter. Do your research or consult a skincare professional so you can invest in the right one for your skin.
Exfoliation: Once, maybe twice a week - maximum. Remember to let any physical granules (such as apricot seeds or coffee grind) do all the work for you. Don't press hard on your precious face when exfoliating. This is going to remove all those dead skin cells that sit on the surface blocking all the gorgeous moisturising products we're about to put on. 
Moisturiser: Extra time indoors with controlled temperatures – heating or air-conditioning – could also mean that your skin is more dry than usual and needs more TLC. Little Urchin's Natural Moisturiser is perfect for face and body, including skin-loving organic extracts - avocado oil, cucumber, aloe vera and marine algae - that soothe the skin and revitalise it with powerful hydrating and anti-ageing benefits.
SPF: Lastly, slather on the SPF and don’t skip delicate areas like your eyelids, ears or décolletage. I know we're indoors, but, glass windows only protect the skin from burning UVB rays but not ageing UVA rays. Think about the grocery run, daycare drop off, and 15 minute clear-your-head coffee break outside all accumulating daily. 
Hot tip: Our Tinted Sunscreen is a quick way to pop on your daily SPF and still look great for today's work Zoom call - creates an even skin tone and absorbs easily.

Mixology is a skill that can be fun to learn, and you may be getting sick of the groundhog day wine after a hard day's work/home-schooling. 
Click the link above for a simple 'Quarantini'
Or learn how to make a Negroni with the soothing voice of actor, Stanley Tucci.

3. Digital Detox
Don't tell us this hasn't already crossed your mind. With every check of socials we are being bombarded with news (good and bad) from all angles. It's getting hard to filter out what will serve us and what is causing us anxiety.
A digital detox for 1 day, or 2, may be just what you need. It takes discipline, but also forgiveness if you slip up, it's tricky to do, but take note of how often you are thinking about social media when you are without. Think of all the minutes you can get back into your day that aren't spent scrolling. See how you feel by the end of it, and you may have a little more clarity to how you want to spend this unusual time.

4. Watch a documentary (Tiger King doesn’t count)
Our favourites are Chasing Coral, BlackFish or anything from Sir David Attenborough. 

5. Take it easy on yourself
We don't all need to come out of quarantine with abs, be creme brûlée connoisseurs or fluent in a new language. It’s perfectly okay to use this time to reflect, find some peace in a crazy world and just take care.