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Natural* Sunscreen SPF 30

Natural* Sunscreen SPF 30

Free Shipping For Orders Over $60 Within Australia
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Natural Sunscreen

The Little Urchin origin story for our range of natural* sunscreen and moisturiser products started with the search for an alternative to chemical-based sunscreen brands and recipes. We sought to create our natural* skincare products from natural* ingredients to be free of toxins, safe for the planet and made with love so that you and your family get the protection you deserve. Inspired by nature, we modelled our range of natural* sunscreen on the amazing sea urchin and its natural abilities to shield itself and its offspring from harsh sun rays.

In Australia, as elsewhere in the world, the sun is not something we take lightly. While we all love the first tickle of summer towards the end of the year and getting out into the natural world to enjoy the warmth, the light and the longer days, spending time in the sun can be dangerous. Wearing protective clothing is the best option but is often not possible. To provide protection from harmful rays and the conditions that may emanate from sun exposure, we use sunscreen. But how much do we know about the broad range of sunscreens available and whether they contain toxic chemicals?

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