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Natural* Daily Moisturiser

Natural* Daily Moisturiser

Free Shipping For Orders Over $60 Within Australia
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Natural Daily Moisturiser

The Little Urchin range of natural* skin care products, including our natural* sunscreen and our natural* moisturiser, was created in response to the growing number of chemical-based skincare products we are covering ourselves in every day without considering their impact on our body or the marine environment. We knew there was another way to achieve maximum sun protection and daily hydration without harsh chemicals or nasty preservatives that add to the planet’s problems. Combining our efforts and vision with the best formulators in Australia, we developed the Little Urchin range of daily and after-sun skin care products that are suitable for use on all skin types, don’t leave nasty chemical residues in the water affecting the health and abundance of our natural reefs and, when purchased, actively help the fight to reclaim our beautiful planet and preserve it for future generations.

Our natural* moisturiser is specially formulated for providing you with optimal daily hydration for both your face and your body and for use after sun exposure. We designed it using a unique blend of natural* and organic ingredients that provide long-lasting hydration for restoring, nourishing and replenishing your skin. This unique blend is a celebration of natural* ingredients, embracing the natural properties of special oils and minerals that offer a powerhouse of natural* skin benefits. All of our products are designed specifically to be free of chemicals and synthetic preservatives.

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